Our Team

Our Team

We have a team of experienced and trusted professionals leading our home health care and hospice teams.

Kara Bernsen | Chief of Network Development

Lisa Brown | Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Stockdale | Senior VP of Sales & Marketing

Stephanie Rich | Vice President of Operations, Home Care & Hospice Division

Billi St. Clair | Vice President of Clinical Services, Home Care & Hospice Division


Elena Marquetti | Administrator

Robin Zee, RN | Director of Nursing

Diana Martin, RN | Clinical Manager

Lisa Barbian | Administrative Assistant / Data Entry

Trina Pavolino | Billing Liaison

Donna Stamper | HR / Payroll

Bonnie Todaro | Payroll Assistant

Jessica Rivera | Reimbursement Specialist

Rachel Modarski | Scheduling Coordinator

Diana Westfall | Intake Specialist

Denise Williams | Community Liaison

Leanne Frampton | Community Liaison


Marie Hughes | Administrator

| Director of Nursing

Donna Rayl, LPN | Clinical Coordinator

Beverly Strunk | Administrative Assistant

Lisa Mattevi | Regional Director of Sales

Dawn Standifer | Community Liaison


Babur Khan | Administrator

Jacki Sciulli, RN | Director of Nursing

Paula Tolliver, RN | Clinical Manager

Julie Harris, LPN | Intake Specialist

Nikole Jones | Billing Liaison / Data Entry

Delores Moore | Administrative Assistant

Olivia Sciulli | Administrative Assistant

Lisa Mattevi | Regional Director of Sales

Kathy Ingram | Community Liaison

Leslie Morales | Community Liaison


Ariana Tingler | Administrator

Nicole Zorne, RN | Clinical Manager

Kelli Christian | Intake specialist

Cory Littrell | Scheduling Coordinator

Pam Meca | Billing Liaison

Michelle Spencer | Community Liaison

Chris Stephens | Community Liaison

West Virginia

Betheny Smith, RN | Administrator

Judy Macaluso, RN | Clinical Manager

Chris Stephens | Community Liaison

Michelle Spencer | Community Liaison

Concierge - Private Duty

Kendra Thomas | Manager

 | Community Liaison

Carol Conrad | Administrative Assistant